Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. Before you use the service pusathemat.com, you must accept and agree with the terms and conditions (‘terms’).

By using our services, you have already read, understand and bound by the terms.

In this terms, the term ‘You’ or ‘User’ refer to all users who access to the site, and using its services offered through the website, and the term ‘We’ refer to pusathemat.com as managers and service providers.


www.pusathemat.com site (‘web site’) is a content based on the internet and e-commerce portal owned and operated by PT Solusindo Sistematika, a company established based on Indonesia law. The use of the site is offered to you with your acceptance on all the requirements and conditions contained in this terms. Pusathemat.com have right with our policy to deny user registration without giving any excuse. And, using this site continuously after changing post, it means you accept and agree. You agree that all purchase will be subject to the terms and conditions on this terms, it will use until Pusat Hemat post the new terms and conditions. As long as you follow terms and conditions, Pusat Hemat will give to you personally, non-exclusive, non-transferable right, and cannot be licensed as well as limited to enter and use Pusat Hemat site.

    1.Content (content of site); copyrights and trademarks

    All media (download or example), software, text, picture, graphic, user interface, music, video, photo, trademark, logo, art, and other content on Pusat Hemat site basically called ‘Content’, including but not limited to design, reelection; arrangement, and coordination of content.

    All matters relating to content word which was mentioned above is owned or licensed by Pusat Hemat, and protected by copyright and the act of trademark and various the legal right of intellectual property. Unless clearly and officially given permission in the term of use, there are no parts of the site and material which may be reproduced, recorded, repeated, transmitted, broadcast, distributed, and published upload, posted, displayed to the public, to make new works was conducted digital, compiled on translated or sent in any way to a computer other website or other media or commercial with the purpose without the written consent to Pusat Hemat in prior. Except as it has been expressed here, not granted or licensing or right to the patent rights, copyrights, the trademark, the publicity or trademark in connection with any of the content, and Pusat Hemat irresponsible and no obligations of the use of material obtained on or connection with Pusat Hemat Site.

    2.Registration, Membership, and Use of Site

    Several facilities and services are offered by Pusat Hemat site member requirement when apply rules and become the member with terms applied.

    ·Members responsible to protect membership information, including your password and each activities happen on member account.

    ·Members agree to report Pusat Hemat immediately for each misuse account or password or any other form of security breaches.

    ·Members responsible for the loss that occurs in Pusat Hemat or other parties on the site because of another person use password or member owned.

    ·Members cannot use another member information or password, no exception conditions and when anytime.

    ·Members are not permitted to gain unauthorized access to the site. Any attempting to try, assist others in making such attempts, or distributing instructions, software or tools for that purpose, Pusat Hemat reserves the right to remove and close a member with all the consequences in accordance with the terms, conditions and applicable law.

    ·Members agree to give personal information to Pusat Hemat Accurately, recently, complete and member information billing as demanded in the registration process.

    ·Members can renew any information on account, choose different credit card for billing, or change the expired date the credit card applies by clicking the available page account member links and vote accordingly.

    ·Members are forbidden to use an automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology, or similar manual process or same, to access, get, copy, test or monitoring every parts of Site or Content, or with other ways to reproduce or avoid navigation structure or presentation from Site or Content, to get or try get materials, document, or information.

    ·Members are forbidden to perform in any action which can result a great burden (overload) on the infrastructure of the web or one of the systems or tissue which consisting of or connected to website.

    ·Pusat Hemat can and based on our policy and without prior notice, stop through any manner which are not available on site. Access to the site, in any cause and without limitations: (1) An effort to gain unauthorized access to the site or others aids who tried to do it, (2) security software overcome a feature that limit the use of or protect all matter, (3) termination or modification material site or service is offered on or through the site, (4) violation of the terms, (5) fail on paying the bill, (6) suspected or copyrights breaking, (7) unexpected operational difficulties, or (8) Demand from other law-enforcement or government agency. Members agree that Pusat Hemat does not liable to members or to the third party for stopping access to the site www.pusathemat.com.

    3.Agreement of data collection and the disclosure of personal information members.

    For some purposes members are asked to provide particular personal information when register and when to purchase. As a requirement to register in Pusat Hemat Site or make any purchase products or services or making transactions, members state that already read the privacy policy and agree with collection disclosure and use your personal information and non-personal that can be identified as described in our privacy policy. We can change privacy policy on the terms and conditions time to time and as a requirement to browse the site, using every features or buying, members agree that you will review the privacy policy before do purchasing.

    As privacy policy, Pusat Hemat take up reasonable step in order to maintain and to prevent unauthorized access to personal information members. However, Pusat Hemat cannot be responsible for other parties’ act who gains unauthorized access, and Pusat Hemat does not guarantee, express, impliedly; or vice versa, that will be absolutely prevents unauthorized access personal information members.

    Pusat Hemat will not be responsible for any damage in any condition (either consequential, direct, incidental, not direct, punishment, and vice versa) arising from, or connected with any means, un-official access from the third parties to your private information, regardless whether the damage is based on the contract obligation or other forms of theory obligation. Also without exception whether Pusat Hemat have been given constructive notice or which is actually there was a possibility of damage occurs and or lost data.

    4.Approval Communication Via Email

    By becoming our member and or email address registration to Pusat Hemat site, members agree to give permission to Pusat Hemat by the email address given. To stop receiving communication email please sent email to info@pusathemat.com

    5.Order Acceptance Policy

    Every order accepted by Pusat Hemat will receive electronic receipt in the site or physical receipt. The receipt is a confirmation sign Pusat Hemat is already accept members order and will be processed in accordance to the order goods and or services based on digital data received by the server and Pusat Hemat system.

    However, the receipt is not a guarantee or confirmation that Pusat Hemat was willing and definitely approve save or fill the order, also nor is the liability to Pusat Hemat approved the sale process on order.

    Pusat Hemat reserves the right at any time after receiving the order to approve or refuse orders for any reason with prior notification. Pusat Hemat will perform additional verification by email, phone, and or by any other communication before approve to process any orders.

    6.Inclusion Of Price & Information Wrong

    Pusat Hemat reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders to product and or services that listed at an incorrect price, discount, and or inclusion refunds, contain incorrect typing or information. Pusat Hemat also not responsible for any consequences that may and or will arise from the inclusion of the error as mentioned above.

    7.Price Changes & Billing Policy

    Pusat Hemat reserves the right to do price changes and billing policy at any time with prior notification. Where such changes will be effective the time the changes included in the site or we will inform you by email.

    8.Service & Aftersales Service

    All request due to technical and support services can be processed directly to the manufacturer in accordance with terms and condition that applies to every products and brands.

    9.Third Parties Content

    This site may contain internet link to the other site that owned and operated by the third parties. For your information, we are not responsible to any operation or content on that site.

    10.Accountability For Violations

    If there are any violations by members to the “Terms and Condition, Terms of Use”, we hereby acknowledge agree to responsible for any loss to Pusat Hemat and liberate Pusat Hemat (along with all the relevant authorities at Pusat Hemat) of any request and demand, including from the third parties and others.

    11.Limitation of Liability

    All violations risk that arise from the use of Pusat Hemat site, by the use of product, and or any services or by link with Pusat Hemat site, and or by the use of content and or any digital download, are still members responsibility.

    Pusat Hemat (along with all the relevant authorities) in any situation and condition is not responsible for the consequential, incidential, direct or indirect, particularly, as punishment, or any other damage (including, but not limited to, damage for loss of business profits, business interference, business information loss, or any loss due to others fund) that may arise from the term of use or usage or inability to use any product, content service, and or digital download, with tardiness or inability to use the site associates with Pusat Hemat or service, or by failure providers to give the products or services, or any for information, software, product, content and services that are from the site, or anything that arise from the use of this site. Whether based on contract, negligence, and strict legal or otherwise, even if Pusat Hemat has been notified of the possibility.

    Incorrect data order (such as address) can result in postponement and or barriers to delivery, where it is not become Pusat Hemat responsibility.

    With these members have come to understand and agree that the limitations of liability and refusal of bail that has been mentioned and specified herein represent an inseparable allocation of risk. Including unlimited, in total or half violations and fundamental to the Terms & Condition of Use that mentioned herein. Including it can be used as a basis for negotiation between the parties.